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    Sorting Line Chart Values

    Eric Horio



      How do I sort line chart values, so right now my line chart is sorted by name, but I would like the line chart to be sorted by sum(amount)--orange line, then sorted by name. How do I do both sorts?



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          Dan Sanchez

          Hi Eric!


          I think we just need to do a "Computed Sort" on the [Name] dimension.  This can be done by right-clicking [Name] in the viz and selecting the Sort option:


          Next we'll choose to sort by a Field, set the value to Amount and choose Sum as our aggregation.  In this screenshot I put the sorting as Descending:

          4-6-2016 12-33-09 PM.png


          Now when we press OK the Names will be sorted based on the value of Amount:


          Hope this helps!


          Thanks Eric