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    yesterday, the day before, and same day from last week

    Liron Chakim



      I have a report showing a lot of data for the last 60 days.

      I want to narrow it down to show only data for yesterday, the day before yesterday, and the same day as yesterday from the prior week.


      For example, today is the 4.4.16. So I want to see the data for the following dates:


      3.4.16 (yesterday - which was Sunday)

      2.4.16 (the day before yesterday)

      27.3.16 (Sunday from the prior week)


      Of course this should be dynamic, so tomorrow for example, the report will show 4.4.16,3.4.16 and 28.3.16, and so on.


      I tried creating the following calculated field:

      ([Date Created]=[Max_Date])


      DATEDIFF('day',[Date Created],[Max_Date])=1


      DATEDIFF('day',[Date Created],[Max_Date])=6


      and then filtering to "true". However that only gives me yesterday.


      Any ideas?