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    Jump Plot _ Next Step

    Bas Groothedde

      Hey everyone

      After I got some help from swaroop.gantela ( Jump Plot Basic) and obtained a proper Jump Plot, I wanted to make the next step. I would like to show the various service distances.

      The path 1-8 have only two nodes between Distributuion Center and Customer the others three or more. In my data set defined as path nodes (which for

      some inexplicable reason does not show up in the data source in tableau).

      My problem is that I would like all points to end up in a node called customer. So the first 8 paths should skip the fourth point.



      This is what it looks like at the moment. The orange path should skip the second last point because the last point/ending point of the supply chain should be the one for customersould be g


      Would be great if anyone could help me here. Quite a specific question. Sorry for that!



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          I took a quick look, but I'm not sure. I think the issue may be in the dataset encodings.

          My sense is that CUST-03 would connect to the last node if

          they have an entry with a Node5 in it. But I'm not sure that I saw any.

          If I understand correctly, Node5 is the last point, which is the Customer Node,

          but it would appear that the Customer Node for CUST-03 has been coded in the

          data set as Node4.

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            Bas Groothedde

            Hey Swaroop,


            That"s what I thought too. I just checked, the entire data sheet is correct. So the paths that have one node less jump from 3 to 5 directly.


            Kind regards!