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    Facebook WDC Connector issues

    Paul Norton

      I've been struggling to get the Facebook WDC that @Alex Ross created for a few days now, and I'm just not able to get it to pull any data at all.  I've tried the Amazon hosted version as well as creating my own application and self hosting.


      The first issues revolved around a checkbox rendering issue that Gray Jones solved with some css changes, you can find his post here.  This is the main reason I moved to a self hosted version.


      Once I resolved the check box issue, I now can select a specific page to pull data from and select get data, but all I ever get is a Executing Query.   I can wait for a long time and it just never seems to pull any actual data.


      The only other thing I've noticed is that it asks you if you want to save the browser when you are first logging in, but that page doesn't appear to render correctly, so you can only select continue.


      Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 2.18.55 PM.png


      I'm really struggling to get past this particular part of Tableau.  Its almost useless if I can't get it to connect to our Facebook Page data. 


      Please Help!





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          Brendan Lee

          Hey Paul,

          I'm seeing this same issue.  Keep in mind this is not a supported portion of Tableau, but a third party sample.  So unfortunately, these things can happen.  It's possible that there is a bug in the connector, or maybe even Facebook made a small change to their API.


          I'll ping Alex to see if he would be gracious enough to devote some time to fixing this   If you are interested in attempting a fix yourself, I would recommend using the developer simulator instead of Tableau, as it will be easier to see logs and see where the connector is getting stuck.



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            Paul Norton

            Yeah I've tested with developer simulator (this uses the 1.1.0 JS so you have to use the legacy simluator), And it assigns the fields, but never seems to actually pull data.  It just assigns the data columns, and then sits.  I spent a few days with it and finally gave up and started working on a Google Sheets solution instead.  If We could find a solution I'm sure I'm not the only one having trouble.  And so many examples here seem to use that connector.

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              Paul Norton

              So for anyone else who runs across this, my final workaround is to use supermetrics through Google Sheets to pull the data I want.


              Now that Tableau Ten supports Google sheets native is even a little easier.