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    What is the calculation for 'run rate' that changes by day?

    jimmy mok

      Hi All!


      I do not know how to create a 'run rate' calculation and hope someone can tell me what the proper calculation would be? Here's the problem:


      I need to take the number of days that has passed in the current month and then divide by the total revenue up to that day. That result would then be multiplied by the number of days in the current month to get to our run rate for the month.


      So if i had $100 in revenue through the 5th of January, I need to divide $100/5 days which would equal $20. Then I would take that result and multiply it by the number of days in January, so $20*31= $620. That would be my 'run rate' as of the 5th of January for the entire month of January.


      I need to have this calculated daily though, so on January 10th with MTD revenue of $300, I need Tableau to calculate ($300/10)*31, and so on and so forth for each of the following months


      Thanks for your help!