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    Create Combined Set

    jon rios

      I have several Sets.  if I right click a set, most have the functionality: "Create Combined Set"... BUT i do have 1 set that DOES NOT have this functionality available when I right click it...WHY?


      this set happens to be created by "Condition" --> "By formula" --> STARTSWITH([ CUSTOMER NAME], "a")


      Why does this Set not have the "create combined set" functionality BUT the other do?  What is the rule?



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          Carl Slifer

          Howdy Jon,



          Try creating a combined set where both sets are formed by using Condition. And try to create a combined set where both are formed by using Top. I've ran into this before where I could only combine if both were conditions or both were from the top tab. I do not believe this is intentional on Tableau's part. But it might be for reasons unknown to me.


          Another issue could be that you may have mistakenly built this set using a different field. The sets need to be based off of the same exact field.



          Carl Slifer


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            jon rios

            thanks Carl,


            not sure if there is a quirk with Sets, i recreated same conditional and it now has the "create combined", i also created a Set "Customer Sales > 500".  I could not create a combined set with BOTH, even though i can obviously create a VIZ with these conditions using the filters.  I was initially using a workbook downloaded from internet from a previous version of TBL which was saved to upgrade it.  I tried this same behavior on a fresh workbook using 9.3 and it has all the options and ability to create combined sets now. So maybe a quirk using older workbooks...


            thanks for the reply