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    Tableau Online and Sync

    Fabio Idalgo

      I have another question about Tableau Online product and Sync component



      I performed the scheduling and synchronization in the Sync component.



      The agenda is perfectly executed on schedule, and is shown in Sync component on the local computer that the agenda was performed in Tableau Online.



      But the data is not updated.



      What can be the problem?




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          Hey Fabio,


          Where are you seeing that the data is not updated? In the workbook on Tableau Online? If so have you verified that the workbook is connected to the published data source and not the local data source?



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            Steve Burger

            Good Afternoon Fabio,


            Yes, Diego has a good point.  I work with online customers and see this often.  So how do you verify what datasource the published workbook is referencing?


            You want to make sure your local workbook is pointed to the published datasource before you publish the workbook. (That is, after you've published the datasource and set up a refresh schedule).


            You want to look for the tile icon containing the Tableau logo in your workbook just before you publish.



            If you see the double cylinder icon when publishing the workbook, you'll publish with an embedded datasource, which almost certainly will not be utilizing the published data source on a refresh schedule. Here's an example of the workbook referencing the local extract copy. Publishing the workbook in this mode will result in an embedded datasource which will exhibit the behavior you've described.




            Thankfully, version 9.3 makes the whole process a lot more intuitive by switching the local workbook to utilize the published datasource once you've published the datasource.




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            Best Regards,

            Steve Burger

            Tableau Online Deployment Adviser