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    Tableau Dashboard

    Robin Ramu



      Currently i am searching for job.Last week i went for interview.they had been asked some questions from tableau.

      but i could not answer some of the question.those question i mentioned below.

      so pls help me to find answers.



      1.Sales/Profit/Units in Dropownlist on X axis.and products in Y axis.based on dropdownlist,

      suppose if choose Sales it has to give sales based on products.this goes same for units and profit also.

      how can i create worksheet like that.


      2.What YoY?what is the use and how can i create that?


      3.how can i create good performence dashboard?what are the things needed and what are the things not needed?


      4.with the first glance business users identify the data's.so which chart is best?

      for example data's like give below.


      product sales profit units




      product measure_names measure_values


      which is best?


      Problem Solving:


      1.how many peoples somke cigerette in bangalore.i have to find estimation based on gender.

      the answer should be in number.


      so pls help me to find those answers.

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          Joe Oppelt

          I'll be blunt, Robin.  If you can't answer those questions, it won't help you get a job for us to help you answer them.  I can give you answers, and maybe you can remember those specific answers, but your next interview will ask you different questions, and you likely won't be able to answer those.


          Being able to answer questions like those are an indication of experience, not an indication of your ability to remember some specific answers.  That's what your interviewer is looking to discern.  And you can't fake experience.


          It's harsh for me to say this, but I think it needs to be said.

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            Srikanth R



            1. I think the interviewer is asking about the Parameters so when you pass choose the Sales he would like to see the Sum(Sales) . You create the parameter and pass it on to a calculation field which uses this parameter


            2. YearOverYear Growth  its part of the table calculation - Under Quick Table Calculation


            3. Using the Extract instead of using Online . Remove the fields from the query which are not being used on dash board. Using the Context filter . Try to limit the worksheets to 4 on Dashboard. Try to do the joins and aggregations in database / ETL


            4. If you looking for a cross tab report Measure Values and Measure Names is the way to go .


            Hope this helps . Good Luck with the interview . I am in same boat

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              Robin Ramu

              Hi Joe,


              U r Correct. Because i am not Experienced guy.i am fresher for tableau.According to Tableau i want to learn new things.because i like this tool that much.i don't have any experience but i had done this course.


              And i am not planning for use your codes.i will try to apply the method and i will find new method.that's what i believe.


              i was tried but i am getting wrong answers.that's why i need help.that was my first tableau interview and

              i don't know what they will ask.that's why i went and i realized need to learn more things.


              And without knowledge i won't be selected.that's why i need to learn new things.


              that's why i asked guidance not answers.



              thank you...