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    Market segmentation by colour - toggle on-off

    Andrew Flynn

      Does anyone know if it's possible to add a user control to toggle colour segmentation on-off?

      I have a running total of a particular measure over time;

      If I drop a dimension 'Region' onto Colour, the running total line segments into regions by colour.  Wonderful.

      But I'd like to toggle the segmentation on-off (with a parameter control perhaps?) in the worksheet.

      Any ideas?


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          Carl Slifer

          Howdy Andrew!


          Try to create a parameter with two options, let's assume you made a string parameter and used the following options

          All Up

          Split by Region


          Then create a calculated field:

          CASE [Parameter]

          WHEN 'All Up' THEN 'All Regions'

          WHEN 'Split By Region' THEN [Region]



          And place that on your colours shelf.

          You can further improve this by using integer values instead of a string in your parameter if you feel comfortable enough changing the value side but keeping the display side something sensible.



          Carl Slifer


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            Andrew Flynn

            Carl, thanks for this solution.  Straightforward and effective, and I can see how it could have broader application.

            Actually I couldn't get the string parameter to work, but it worked with integer values which I am more familiar with using anyway.

            Problem solved, grateful for the help.