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    Map and Pie chart action filter

    Manoj Ramachandra

      Hello friends - I have a dashboard with map in the first half and pie chart in the second half. It is a symbol map which has circle as symbol and the size of the circle is based upon the amount spent according to each state in US.


      When I click the state/circle on the map, pie chart should show the percentage of amount spent. For eg if TX has spent 10,000$ and total amount spent across US is 50,000$, then the pie chart should show a pie of 20% and remaining pie should show 80%. Similarly when I click other states, this data should change accordingly.


      I need help with two things:

      1. To get pie chart in the format above mentioned.

      2. Action filter to work so that when I click state, pie chart data changes. (I tried using simple table instead of pie chart, but always it displays 100% when a state is clicked)


      Can anyone please help.