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    Issues while using dashboard actions and Highlights filters while navigating. (Single action, multiple subcategories are highlighted)

    Ashish Chaudhari

      Hi Experts,


      I am attaching a workbook to the discussion. In this workbook there are two dashboards (D1 and D2).




      Output on D2 as below




      On the D1, I am having a pie chart which shows the sales by sub-category. On the D2, I am having a pie chart which also shows the sales by sub-category (Duplicate of the same pie chart as on D1).

      Please check the actions associated with the each of dashboards.


      What is Happening:

      On D1, when I click it take me to D2, and Highlights the subcategory in the pie chart, and shows the Bar chart below for the same. Once I click on home I get back to D1. So far so good.


      Next, when I select a subcategory on D1, it takes me to D2 and shows the similar details as described above.

      Once I click change the subcategory on D2 from the highlighted one to the one which I want to see. It shows the proper details for the see in the below bar. Please refer to the below image where sub category is changed from Tables to Binders.




      After this once I click on the Home button at the top it take me to D2.


      Now I select Phone on the D1 as shown below



      It navigates me to the D2 and shows the below output where It highlights the Phones and Binders highlighted where there should have been only "Phones" should have been highlighted.


      Please refer to the below workbook. Let me know your thoughts on this.


      If needed I will provide more details about the same.


      Thanks in advance.



      Ashish Chaudhari.