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    Highlight table problem with multiple dims and grand total workaround

    Lee Forst

      I'm creating a highlight table that must show column grand totals that is based on averages.  I've worked around the well known issue of grand totals (explained very well here) and now I'm onto another problem.  Using the attached example, the problem is once I have fixed the grand total issue and change from Text to Square, the text is lost.  My understanding is that the problem is because I've included the Category (WS) dim in the Detail shelf and that is what is causing the highlight table to act the way it is.


      In the example, you will see the Non-WS sheet showing the classic grand totals problem but the highlight table has been implemented using Avg Sales on color and Avg Sales on Text.  Then in the WS-Text sheet, you will see the grand total solution implemented.  Note the measures used are the window_sum solution and the Category (WS) dim in the Detail shelf.  Then in the WS-Square Problem sheet, is where the problem occurs.


      I've tried different attempts to get what I want without loosing the solution to the grand totals and I'm coming up empty.  Do you have any thoughts?  Thank you in advance for taking the time.