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    Using a data source as an extract filter for a secondary data source

    Philip Stone



      I've been using Tableau for a good 12 months now but I'm fresh out of ideas as to how to tackle an issue regarding filtering extracts across two data sources.


      Very basically the business I work for uses Tableau Reader to access numerous Desktop packaged workbooks. I'd like one of these workbooks to pull data from two data sources: 1) a .xls file containing a limited list of product codes which would be maintained by individuals across the business; 2) an extract from a live connection to a huge data warehouse containing millions of rows of data; product code would be the common dimension across the two data sources.


      I'd like to use "Product Code" values from the .xls source to act as a data extract filter in order that the workbook pulls only the relevant "Product Code" values from the secondary data source. An ambitious desire but necessary to keep the workboook as small, quick, optimised as possible, I think.


      Many thanks in advance for any light that can be shed on how I might achieve this.