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    Need Guidance on LOD or Table Calc

    Forrest Evans

      Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 5.44.51 PM.png

      I'm very close to a report that was requested, but I'm missing something to get it finished up.  The request was for a count of Delivery Resources by Client Exec whose Monthly Subtotal related to that Client Exec was over $15,000.  I have a feeling I need to either to a LOD calculation or Table Calculation but I'm not quite sure which.  I've tried quite a few things and this is the closest I can get to showing the numbers I need.  The Bold Total lines are correct,  (bold is Row Totals shown on the Left) but I don't want the details sections to the right.  Can anyone offer some guidance?


      I don't have approval to post the Workbook yet but here are the Screenshot details:

      Sum(Subtotal) filter = $15,000

      ItemDate = This Year (So Jan/Feb/Mar 2016)

      Delivery Resource = List of names that are directly related to subtotal

      Client Exec = List of names and have multiple Delivery Resources associated to them with varying totals.