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    Divide the sum of one category by another

    Joe Ramirez

      Hi all,  I'm new to Tableau and I've been trying to work this out but I can't seem to get it right.  My sample data attached consists of 3 cities and 2 categories for each city.  The first category has 15 "keywords" in it and each of those keyword has 13 "volume" data points associated with it (for 13 points in time). These volume data points are specific to the city as well.  The second category has 5 keywords in it, each with the same number of volume data points.


      What I'm trying to do is, for each city and for each of the 13 points in time, divide the sum of the volume for category 1 by the sum of the volume for category 2.  In the attached workbook on sheet 1, I'd like a calculation that sums up the "general category" for Atlanta (=1190) and divides that by the sum of the "population" category for Atlanta (=1180). I'd like it to do this for each respective city AND for each of the 13 months.


      Sheet 2 shows what I want to see, except I want the 3 bubbles to be those new calculations (ie, category 1 divided by category 2).


      Is this possible?


      Any help is greatly appreciated!  Thanks!