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    Creating fixed export size (png,pdf) for dynamic resizing dashboards

    Ken Kwan

      Someone in our organization had a hard time sizing the dashboard for export to png/pdf. They also had a pretty small native resolution (1024x768) which caused compression of the dashboard elements. Tableau didn't seem to have parameters to set output size outside of setting a static dashboard size or using Tabcmd but I remembered a trick that we used for auto-refresh that put the dashboard in an iframe. So we created an html file (contents below) that fixes the resolution for dynamically re-sizing dashboard regardless of browser window size or screen resolution. The size can easily be changed using the width and height parameters.



      <title>Dashboard Fixed Size for Export</title>



      <iframe src="https://yourtableausite.com/views/Dashboard/Overview?:toolbar=yes:embed=yes&:tabs=n" width=1280 height=720>

      <p>Your browser does not support iframes.</p>




      Hopefully this helps somebody. Some user habits are hard to break.