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    Replace Data Source Issue...

    Jayshree Dawrewar

      I am currently facing an issue while working on Tableau 9.2 with Redshift as data source. I have created extract/data source which is pointing to a view in one of the database in the warehouse which consist of multiple dimensions and around 30-40 calculated measures / calculated fields. But as soon as I re-point / replace it to another data source, having same definition as of the first one in some other database in the warehouse,  the measures / calculated fields which were created earlier disappears. A lot of effort is spent on recreating those measures /calculated fields.

      Is there any standard way of replacing the data sources without any change in the measure/fields created earlier.

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          Sankarmagesh Rajan

          Hi Jayshree,


          First connect new data source in tableau and then replace existing one. Now all calc will be there in new datasource.




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            Shawn Wallwork

            First, you might be better served if you use Edit Data Source and point the original connection to the new DB. As long as the fields are all exactly the same this should work, and you won't have to recreate the calcs. If for some reason this doesn't work, then when using the Replace copy all of your calcs from the original connection to the new connection before you do the replace. There is one wrinkle when doing this, and that is, if you have calcs that reference other calcs you'll need to make sure to copy the 'base' calc over before you copy the referencing calc.


            This can take a little time, but probably not as much time as recreating them from scratch.