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    Calculation for total using date parameter

    Tony Ball

      Hi All,


      I hope you are well. I've got myself really stuck with a calculation on a workbook and wondered if you can help.


      Basically I want to produce a display that has running totals of 2 values over time - one is based on cost and the other on energy usage in 4 locations.


      I've managed to get the cost part of the panels change in value depending on the date range picked, however I'm really stuck on being able to do this for the energy part of the board.


      I've attached a workbook where I've tried lots of different things. I've used an LOD calc on the energy part that was kindly given to me on this forum. However this fixes the value between min and max dates on the workbook. If possible I would like the energy readings to change based on date range the same way that the cost part does.


      I then looked at using date parameters instead but have been unable to get anything with parameters to work.


      Really hoping someone can help out with this one. 


      Screenshot and workbook attached.