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    Using tabcmd to move AD domains

    Jason Strimpel



      My firm recently changed domain names. Using `tabcmd listdomains` I can see both these domains on our server:




      I'm using AD authentication for users and some are using the `ab.corp` domain and some are using the `cd.corp` domain. This works because we are utilizing two-way trust between the domains. I want to move all users on the `cd.corp` domain to the `ab.corp` domain.


      I have tried the `tabcmd editdomain --id 2 --nickname "ab"` and `tabcmd editdomain --id 2 --name "ab.corp"` commands to effectively merge the domains but I receive an error when attempting to change the `name` saying there is a `DataIntegrityViolationException` error. I assume this is because I'm attempting to name two domains the same.


      How do I move all users from `cd.corp` to `ab.corp`?


      Tableau Server 9.2 on Windows Server 2012 R2.