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    Standard Deviation of a table calculation

    Andrew Mohlmann

      I have some data that is essentially a list of public holidays in one column and the date they appear in another. Something like this:

      01/01/2016New Year's Day
      NYD Additional
      26/01/2016Australia Day
      25/03/2016Good Friday

      and so on.


      To work out the amount of days between each public holiday I did a bit of a work around. I created a calculated field called "Date Reference" that is simply DATE(01/01/1999).

      I then created a table with Year in the columns and Name in the Rows. Then I use a table calculation for the difference between each day running down the table. So far so good.

      The problem now lies if I want to do some work on this data. For instance how can I see the Standard Deviation of the running difference between each day? How do I look at the average number of days wait between public holidays etc. because this data is already aggregated it will not allow me to make calculated fields using this information.


      Thanks for helping out a newbie like me.