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    SparkSQL table is blank in Tableau

    Imran Akbar

      I've connected Tableau 9.0 to Spark SQL via ThriftServer from Spark 1.6.1.

      I have a Parquet table accessible through Thrift, as I am able to query it from beeline with no problem.


      However, when I load up the table as a new data source in Tableau, and click 'Update Now' with a live connection, I get a bunch of blank rows back - no column names even.

      When I go to my worksheet, there are no dimensions or measures.


      What am I doing wrong?

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          Dan Cory

          Sounds like a bug. Please contact Tableau support.



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            Hi Imran,


            I had the same problem a while back while originally writing about Tableau and SparkSQL. Do contact Tableau Support as I don't know if this will work for you as well. Essentially there is a patch to get around this issue by using a TDC file. Here are the directions I received and they worked for me:


            "Here are the steps, if the TDC file needs to be copied to additional computers in your organization. Simply place the TDC file in the My Tableau Repository/Datasources folder before loading Tableau.


            Exact steps to setup the TDC file:

            + Quit Tableau Desktop

            + Copy the spark_sqlcolumns.tdc into the Datasources folder located at "Documents/My Tableau Repository/Datasources"

            + Launch Tableau Desktop


            Tableau Desktop should pickup the new TDC file and this should resolve the "No such table" error that has been received, and should also prevent tables from loading with no data, when connecting to Spark SQL.


            Additional information around TDC files for Tableau Desktop can be found here:

            Customizing and Tuning ODBC Connections

            http://kb.tableau.com/articles/knowledgebase/customizing-odbc-connections "


            See the attachment here for the TDC file.