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    Rookie question re. continous line chart

    Vibe Martens

      Dear tableau gurus


      I'm new in the game, so have patience with me -


      I want to built a continous line chart graph with the data from this excel sheet (second one, entitled "graph info" but tableau is not making a continous line chart an option for this data - which makes very little sense to me. What am I doing wrong?


      Thanks a lot -


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          Andrew Watson

          Does the following work (F1 being your Period field and F2-F4 being the 3 measures in your spreadsheet):


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            Carl Slifer

            Howdy Vibe,


            I looked at your Excel and for starters the periods are period intervals and not actual dates. Tableau sits in that 'give me raw data' state.  In order to get date points for each year to be that average level (to make it easier to do this at least) you would need a data point for each year.  The issue is that 1660-1700 can not be interpreted as a date. Now 1660 can and so can 1700  but together at best they are a string to tableau (line of text).

            Try using this table:


            YearAverage Price of GoodsAggregated Price for Non-Assesed Return Cargos


            Because a new value is at 1701 you do not need to assign that range inside your data columns.In order to get a graph with a flat line from 1660-1700 it would take some data work or clever table calculations within Tableau.



            Carl Slifer