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    Clicking Line on Line Graph 'Action' using Sheet Selector Parameter?

    Michael Boateng


      I have been using this forum for some time now.  I had an old account that I can't access anymore since I am no longer with that company.  I have a couple of questions about line graphs.


      I have a worksheet that I am putting together that consists of primarily line graphs and filters.  In short I would like add 2 types of functionality to this dashboard.


      1.  When clicking one of the lines on the dashboard it drills into another sheet.

      • What I mean here is once the line is clicked the next level of the hierarchy has it's own line graph and I would like the first click to filter on the line that was clicked and           display the next graph.

      2.  I would like to be able to highlight a date range on the graph itself and that date range is filtered in tableau. 

      • I know that you can highlight the lines themselves and it will filter that selection.  But can the dates on the y axis be highlighted and filtered?


      I have attached the sheet to this post to help illustrate what I am trying to do.  I tried using the select sheet parameter and then using that as an action but you cannot filter on a parameter using actions so I am stuck.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. 



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