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    Items Active between Start and End Date


      Hi everyone,


      I am having a bit of an issue that I need help on and figured this was the right place to post.


      I have some data with descriptors that we have start dates and end dates for. I am trying to create a graph of total number of items that are active at any given time (we want to know how many items have start and end dates that encompass end of year 2010, end of year 2011, etc.).


      I previously had been using running_sums but for some reason it keeps yielding values of 0. The formula that I was using is “running_sum(count(DATEPART('year', [Start Date])))-RUNNING_SUM(COUNT(DATEPART('year',[End Date])))” in rows and “DATEPART('year', [Start Date])” in columns.


      Alternatively, I have been able to create separate running total dashboards for both Starts and Ends but I don’t know how I would net them on a single dashboard.


      I have attached the sample excel sheet / dashboards / combined book.


      Really appreciate any help that someone can provide!!!





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