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    Max Value Across Multiple Columns of a Dimension for Measure Values (Multiple Aggregated Measures)?

    Jeffrey Jacob

      My cross-tab has columns using a Customer dimension with > 100 Customer Names.  I have several aggregated measures as rows (e.g., sum of sales, sum of profit, count of items purchased).


      I would like to generate a 1-column view with only the max value for each measure, regardless of the customer to which the value is associated.


      For example, my 'before' view is as follows:

                               Customer 1               Customer 2               Customer 3

      Sales                $100                          $300                         $500

      Profit                $5                              $50                            $0

      Purchased       10                              2                                5


      My desired 'after' view is as follows:

      Sales               $500

      Profit               $50

      Purchased      10


      Is this possible?