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    Automation of Filtering and Downloading

    Gavin Broom

      Hello Tableau Wizards,


      I have a report that's published to server each day that holds data on all open job vacancies for my organization, showing how many candidates are at each part of the recruitment process. Every Monday morning, each recruiter goes into the report, applies a filter for a particular position, downloads the report as a PDF, saves it to their network and then emails the PDF to the Hiring Manager. Then they go back to the filter, move on to the next position, rinse and repeat until they've gone through all their vacancies. Each recruiter has between 10 and 20 active vacancies so understandably they're growing a little tired of all the time-consuming repetitive work.


      Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations for streamlining or automating this process, or even just parts of this process? Even if I could automate to the point where all the positions were downloaded as individual PDFs that would be a win.





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          Julian Schulte

          Hey Gavin,


          you can generally automate the process of applying a filter, exporting to PDF and then send via email using tabcmd and some scripting.

          There's a lot of threads here that explain how to do this, e.g. this one Scheduling emails


          But I guess you'll run into troubles if your filter values are dynamic, i.e. if you have to filter for a specific position and those positions change on a daily basis.

          As far as I know you can't just loop through all available filter options - so you'd probably need to modify the workbook to filter through some more static values such as the hiring manager and hardcode those filter values into your script.


          I would also like to mention that I'm working on a solution to the problem you're describing that doesn't require any coding and can be maintained and changed also by non-admins.

          We are currently in beta and I think it fits your use case - though passing filter options is something we don't have yet (but this is definitely high up on our list). So if you're interested check out www.datalert.io and feel free to get in touch with me.





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            Gavin Broom

            Thanks, Julian. Through my investigations yesterday I came to the same conclusion. I'm in the process of getting my hands on tabcmd at the moment and from what I've read so far I think I can see a few options to provide a workable solution. Thanks for the reply and the link. I'll be sure to check it out.


            Best Regards.