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    tabcmd - The server is not licensed to connect to 'Tableau Data Extract

    Andy Tey

      Good day Tableau Community,


        I'm new to Tableau 'tabcmd' and I would really appreciate support here.


        I have a data source on Tableau Server named "FilterList". The connection type is Text File and it connects to a CSV file as an Extract. This CSV file sits on the same server as the Tableau Server and we used UNC path.


        I want to refresh this data source each time the CSV file is updated using 'tabcmd' below:


             "C:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Server\9.2\bin\tabcmd" refreshextracts --datasource FilterList  --no-certcheck --synchronous


        However, I am gated with issue below.


         ===== Continuing previous session

         =====     Server:

         =====     Username: RohnJose

         ===== Scheduling extracts for datasource 'default/FilterList' to be refreshed now...

         ===== com.tableausoftware.nativeapi.dll.TableauException: The server is not licensed to connect to 'Tableau Data Extract ' data sources.

         Errors occurred while trying to load the data source "". The load was not able to complete successfully.


        Can fellow experts from the community kindly guide me on this ?


        Thank you all very much.