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    Many duplicated data when connect two different excel sheets, please help!

    Derek Chen

      Hi, I'm a beginner of Tableau, I tried to use Tableau to do an weekly advertising analysis, but I found I got many duplicated datas when connect my excel data, here is how I did:


      1. I downloaded week 1 online advertising report and week 2 advertising report and then copy them into an excel file under two different sheets: sheet 1 and sheet 2


      2. I added the excel file as data source in tableau and connected the week 1 and week 2 sheet by "keywords" which is the search keywords I advertised



      3, I started a basic analysis to see my advertising cost in week 2 and found the costs showing in tableau is much higher than the actual data, my average ad cost is about $1000 per day, but it shows $5000-8000 per day in tableau




      4 I selected all and use "view data" to see the underlying data that make this wrong analysis, I found somehow the same keywords duplicated about 3-5 times, that's why the ad costs are wrong I think




      I have no idea why it happens, please help


      I also added my workbook into this questions and I checked some column names into English