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    Using Parameters to compare differences between measures of dimensions

    Cory Vogan

      So, here's the situation. I am working on creating a worksheet that uses parameters to define two values of a dimension so that I can compare a measure between the two values. In this case the dimension is Provider which contains the name of restaurant chains (eg. Burger King, Denny's, CiCi's Pizza, etc.). Take a look:


      Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 8.45.48 AM.png


      As you can see above, to get to this point I have two Parameters (Provider A & Provider B). I have a calculated dimension using the following formula set up as a filter and a table calculation to identify the differences between the two providers with ColA as the baseline and ColB showing the %delta:


      Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 8.50.10 AM.png


      This is the most simple solution I was able to find to get here, but I was hoping to take it one step further. I would like to be able to have Provider A always display as the baseline in ColA and Provider B always show up in ColB for the %Delta. Is this possible? I understand that the reason it is working as it is now is because I am basically using parameters as selectors to check and un-check the filter box, and filters just display the columns in default order (alphabetically in this case). Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!