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    Applying a filter by date

    Abi Peters

      On the attached workbook, I have plotted a simple line graph showing the average of Attribute based by day. I want to apply a filter so that I only see the average of the best 90% (as in the lowest values) and ignore very high values. On the second tab, I found a way to get the percentage for that ID so I can keep just the best 90% of values. However, applying this filter to the graph on the first tab filters on all values and not by day. This means that on the one day where I have a very high peak, a lot of the high values for this are excluded. What is the best way to amend my filter?

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          I would love to help with this problem, but would like to ask some additional information first.

          The calculation that was written that excludes the top 10% what is the calculation named? and what is the top percentage is based off of? Does the exclusion function need to exclude the top 10 percent for only what is in the view then?