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    Trend lines at the end of a text box

    Jonathon Padron

      Hello Everyone,


      Please see attached and refer to the sheet name "Text." I'm looking to add a trend line at the end of every measure. Currently, I have to make a text box and trend line in separate sheets then bring them together in the dashboard by lining them up. I would like to have the trend line at the end of each row in the text box.


      Also, in the dashboard I have links to other dashboards within the workbook by selecting the arrow but would like to replace the arrow with a single line hyperlink. Is that possible?


      Any input would be greatly appreciated.



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          Hello Johnathan,


          I was able to come up with an example of how to make the links for the dashboards to just be 'hyper links' instead of arrows. There are how-to instructions in the caption of the Attendance (2) worksheet.


          Here are the written instructions on how I made the single text 'hyperlink' for the dashboard.


          1. Drag the [Attendance Dashboard] pill to the text file on the 'Marks Card'

          2. Right click on the header and uncheck the 'show header' option.

          + Additional Note: The buttons may have to be resized on the dashboard to make scroll bars disappear


          As for the additional question on trend lines being added to the end of the text box, i do not believe this is currently built into the product and the work around that is already implemented is the best solution. There is a community forum for voting on peoples feature suggestions found here:  Ideas  , there you can search for an idea that is similar to this or post your own. Others will vote and it might be added to a future release of Tableau Desktop.




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