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    Mapping-Adding Flow Details in Path

    Bas Groothedde

      Hello there,

      I have a quite sophisticated question. I have created a map, that represents a path with various nodes under which Distribution Centers, Hubs, and Customers.

      The goods flow from a DC to the Customer. It can occur that certain products go to more than one customers, following the same path up to one node.

      For instance, a product can be transported along the yellow path from Utrecht via Breda, Leipzig and Vienna to a Customer in Austria. The very same product

      (green path) may be transported in a different quantity on a different day from Utrecht via Breda, Leipzig, Krakow to a place somewhere in Poland.


      What I am trying to achieve is adding data about the total quantity of a product transported between two hubs. In my example let's say product A is transported in

      quantity 10 from Utrecht to Leipzig. From Leipzig 7 pieces are delivered to Austria, 3 to Poland. At the moment I only have the quantity received by each customer.

      Is there a way to map this? Also depending on time. Let's say product A is transported on the 01-20-16 to Leipzig in quantity x. on the 01-22-16 the product is delivered

      Vienna and Krakow, etc. I was trying to use running sum. However, in this case the products are added up until the customer,