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    Error while publishing workbooks to Tableau Server deployed on AWS EC2 Instance.

    youthesh sagar



      We have tableau server and tableau desktop installed on AWS EC2 Instance.


      We have around five users using tableau desktop application on their local machine, each user has been give access to tableau server.


      I am also using tableau desktop app on my local pc with login credentials of site Admin.


      All users and i are facing issues while publishing any workbook to tableau server.We are get an error message saying user doesn't have right permission to publish the workbook, when all the user have publishing role defined on server.


      Hence i tried creating a workbook using the desktop app in the server itself.There i am able to publish the workbook without any error message.


      Can anyone help me out on why i am not able to publish workbook using my local machine or using desktop app installed on different IP address?


      Thank you