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    Country names in Norwegian - is it even possible?

    Ida Jørgensen Thinn



      Is there any way I can make the country names show in another language than English? (Not in the map itself, but in the boxes that pops up when I hold the mouse over a country's value, or in the marks and country filter).



      I've tried creating aliases for each country in Norwegian, but then it seems like Tablaeau isn't able to find geographical information it needs, and those countries disappears from the map view.

      Then I tried making a separate coloumn with Norwegian names, but I still have to use the English name column in order to create the map, and so the information that pops up contains both "Land in English" and "Land in Norwegian", which is confusing for my 15 year old target group.


      Is there any other way to do it? Thanks in advance!