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    How to find duplicates between 2 data sources

    Barb Reiser



      I apologize, I don't have a workbook to attach for this. I have a dimension called "Number" in database 1 and I have the same dimension "Number" in an excel doc that I live extracted. Not all items within the excel doc are within database 1. What can I do to find or show only one's that exist in both sources. My database 1 is very large and contains multiple years. The "Number" can repeat multiple times a year. I've attempted to filter database 1 by MM-YY to limit what I'm viewing. I've edited the relationship between the two data sources by "Number" and tried to place them side by side on the rows but it runs for about 10 minutes and then errors out. Can some type of formula be written to filter by a Yes or No to show only those dups?


      Any ideas?


      Thank you,