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    Need a little Sankey help (formatting related)...


      Hi all,


      So, I've been working with the wonderful post by Olivier CATHERIN : Sankey diagram made of dynamically generated polygons and using Thorsten Vogt's question in there as well, since his data is structured quite like mine, and I'm encountering an issue.


      While I have successfully got a Sankey diagram, I don't seem to have the formatting quite lined up.  I suspect it's something very simple that I'm missing, but can anyone help?  I've attached my workbook (Tableau 9.2.4), and here's a screenshot of what I have:


      Sankey Tableau.PNG


      Essentially what I'm trying to get to is something more like the image below (I don't know what it was built in), but I know that I can only go so far with Tableau.  If I could, at least, get something where the items are lining up properly that would be fantastic.



      Any suggestions folks?