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    Excel Offset TO Tableau..

    Ajeet ...

      Hi All,


      I would like to get your support on the following View




      I want to create a calculated field and put it in the rows to get the following output: Look Up 1 in the Attempt % Comprehensive and give me 0 % in the calculated Field. SImilarly, Look Up 3 in the Attempt % Comprehensive and give me 100 % in the calculated Field. In addition, If TAT Field is Null the in my calculation, there should be A Value in the Cell that must be ignored in any future calc. I produced the same in Excel using OFFSET & MATCH.



      Attached is the workbook..ANy help pls





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          Sara Sparks

          Hi Ajeet!


          You can use an IF/THEN calculation to conditionally call the measure you are looking for, as we see below:


          IF ATTR([TAT (Days)].[TAT]) = 1 THEN [Attempt % Comprehensive 1]

          ELSEIF ATTR([TAT (Days)].[TAT]) = 2 THEN [Attempt % Comprehensive 2]

          ELSEIF ATTR([TAT (Days)].[TAT]) = 3 THEN [Attempt % Comprehensive 3]



          Using this calculation should get you the results that you see in Excel using the OFFSET & MATCH functions, although they aren't finding the results positionally, but rather based on the name of the fields themselves.


          Does this help?