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    Award-winning data journalist available for Tableau consulting and training

    Chad Skelton

      headshot-lowres.jpegAre you looking for someone to help find the story in your data and design engaging Dashboards that will grab people’s attention? Look no further!


      My name is Chad Skelton. For several years, I was a data journalist at The Vancouver Sun, where I worked extensively with Tableau. My Tableau Public Dashboards, on everything from house prices to commuting patterns, have been viewed more than 1.5 million times.


      In 2014, I was awarded an international Data Journalism Award for my portfolio of work in the previous year -- work largely produced using Tableau. And in 2015, I was invited by Tableau to speak at the Tapestry conference on the topic of putting the “you” in your data (video here).


      Now, I’m an independent consultant and trainer available to help you get the very most out of Tableau.


      With my background in data journalism, I have extensive experience in how to make interactive charts that people actually want to use. I can create Dashboards for you or make the Dashboards you already have even better.


      I have also developed highly acclaimed workshops for training people in Tableau, and am available for onsite training or remote mentoring.


      To learn more about how I can help you get the most out of Tableau, please drop me a line at cskeltondata@gmail.com or visit my website at chadskelton.com.


      Chad Skelton