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    Non-mutually exclusive columns?

    Joe Attard

      Hi there,


      I have buckets of column criteria that may or may not apply to rows in my data set...the measures I'm using are flags (0 or 1). If the flag is one, I am displaying an X in the column for that criteria. I've created a calculated field (below) for the columns dimension but I'm not sure that's the best way to go about it as more than one X is not displaying for each row when they should.


      Calculated field:

      IIF([islive]=1,"Live Deal",IIF([isExpiringDeal]=1,"Live Deal Ending Soon",IIF([isYOYDeal]=1,"Expected Deal",IIF([isPriorityAccount]=1,"Priority Account",IIF([isTopSearch]=1,"Top Searched Destination",IIF([isTopTravelScore]=1,"High Quality Account",IIF([isOwnerChange]=1,"Newly Assigned","")))))))


      Problem: not more than one "X" is displaying per row when they should have more than one. Example...the first row should have marks on each of the 5 columns. Any tips?