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    How to connect to WSUS Internal database?

    Vijay Kumar

      Friends need your help !!!


      I am trying to connect to microsoft WSUS internal database. This is not exactly a SQL but an internal database comes default with microsoft.


      But to manage this database inside the server we will install a SQL server management studio and we will give a server name as below.




      So to manage the database we will login to the WSUS server and launch SQL studio --> give the server name as \\.\pipe\MICROSOFT##WID\tsql\query to see the database and tables. Then we will manage the DBs for performance.


      WSUS reports are coming out of this internal database.


      I am now trying to connect Tableau to this server but no idea on how to do it. Because this is not a pure SQL database. We can use SQL studio to manage the DB in server. So dont know how to connect Tableau for produce reports.


      Please refer the link to know more information about the database. Need your guidance to proceed.