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    Actions to reveal data

    Kevin Zheng



      I have a scatterplot worksheet that displays 6 teams. The scatter plot shows total score, but that score is split up into (Defense score) and (Shooting score). Is there a way that I can make an action where when I select or hover over a team's total score, it will reveal the Defense score and Shooting score data points?


      On the attached files I essentially want to get from the worksheet [Cycle Time] to [Cycle Time (2)] but instead of displaying all of the data points, just reveal the specific data with a hover or select action.



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          Corey Turner



          You can achieve this with two sheets on a dashboard and an action between the two. The first sheet would just show the total score, and the second sheet would show the shooting and defense score.


          If you must have something in just one sheet, I got kind of close by splitting up the scores into two panes - there is a filter action on hover. See the attached twbx.