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    Multiple web page URLs/redirects in one dashboard

    Baji Bonam

      I am trying to achieve the below for one of the dashboard's I am building now.


      I have 3 categories of URLs to display based on the type of URL category a user selects - e.g. search, news feeds and latest status.


      What I want to display is - each of them to have a dedicated "screen space". i.e. when I click on say 'search' URL then the area allocated for the 'search' webpage should be loaded. Similarly for news feeds and status categories - they should be displayed in the space allocated to them.


      At the moment when I use dashboard URL Actions what I get is the web page gets loaded in one area no matter which category I click I always see.


      Also is there a way I can at least redirect them to an external browser page?


      When I click the link in the links using worksheet (in Desktop) it works correctly. But It does not work when I do the same in dashboard (in both desktop and server).


      Any thoughts on how we can achieve this?