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    Are the data layer groups for maps (i.e. Population by Zip Code) limited to just 5 categories?

    Dan Kirk

      Tableau makes it very easy to add various map layers like population by zip code, average household size by block group, etc onto a map. However, it seems to default to five groups or clusters. For example, if I am looking at a sample dataset of customers on a map, and set the data layer to Household Income by Zip Code, Tableau color codes each zip code based on the following groups:


      0 to 39,000

      39,700 to 47,000

      47,000 to 55,200

      55,200 to 66,800

      66,800 to 501,000


      Obviously these ranges are not ideal, especially since the last category contains a huge range. I don't see an option to change the number of groups or to manually set the values. I'm guessing that this is a current limitation of this feature, or perhaps a limitation of the census data, but I want to be sure that I'm not missing an easy easy feature where I can change these.



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          Thomas Exter

          Hi Dan,


          As has been said, Tableau is fundamentally not a mapping program, although it seems the user base keeps clamoring for more mapping if not GIS functionality. It looks like the distribution in your example is perhaps based on the z-scores of the distribution of median income but I'm not sure that is in the data documentation. You are, I'm pretty sure, not missing anything in assuming that it can't be changed to something like equal intervals, equal cases, or some other custom set of breaks. If you had your own median income (not the built in values) you could use "stepped colors"  for X number of steps of your choosing and set the center value of your choice in the advanced setting when editing colors on the color shelf for circle colors on a symbol map. But you would have to back out the break values for each color through some other charting. It would nice to have those as a sort of legend for color shelf steps.


          Sorry I can't be of any more help!