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    Dhanashree Arole

      Hello Tableau Publishing & Sharing Community,


      I have some dashboard published on Tableau server online. I go on the server to check the status intermittently.

      Now I would prefer to receive copy of the report in my email inbox. Is there a way for report reader to SUBSCRIBE and share email address so that updated copy is sent to inbox on scheduled basis.


      Thanks for your feedback,

      Dhanashree Arole

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          Jillian Greenaway

          Hi Dhanashree,


          If your administrator has configured subscriptions for your site you can click to subscribe and select different options for your subscription. Is this what you are looking for?


          Online Help Article: Subscribe to Views

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            Sankarmagesh Rajan


            :: Change directory to tabcmd location

            cd "C:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Server\7.0\bin"

            :: login to Tableau via tabcmd

            tabcmd login -s http://localhost --username u1 --password p1 --no-prompt


            :: run tabcmd get command which retrieves the URL of the reports with the filter and size parameter

            :: reports are saved to pdf

            tabcmd get "views/workbook/report1.pdf?param=value&:size=1680,1050" -f "C:\report1.pdf"

            tabcmd get "views/workbook/report2.pdf?param=value&:size=1680,1050" -f "C:\report2.pdf"


            :: logout of tabcmd when done

            tabcmd logout


            :: use pdftk library to combine reports based on system

            pdftk "C:\report1.pdf" "C:\report2.pdf" cat output "C:\report.pdf"


            :: send email with pdf attachments using blat

            blat "C:\report-email-message.htm" -t email@email.com -attach "C:\report.pdf" -s "email subject" -html


            :: delete all pdf files generated during the process

            del "C:\report1.pdf" "C:\report2.pdf" "C:\report.pdf"




            - schedule the above script with Windows scheduler

            - note that you will need 'blat' and 'pdftk' installed, these are free tools




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              Dhanashree Arole

              Hi S. Rajan,


              Thanks for the guidelines, I will check with DBA.