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    Color Coding Bar Graphs

    David Guzman

      Hi All,


      I am currently trying to work with bar graphs to illustrate key identifiers in data. I want to construct a measure that would color code each individual bar graph depending on conditions. For this example, I want to color code the lowest value of each product sale with red and the highest sales number of each product with green. I would also want to color code the intermediate value bars with any color of my choosing.

      I have tried using the Rank function and drag it into the color scheme, but it produces an intermediate color that I cannot change.

      I have also looked at other forum, but their color scales use numeric values, while I would like to use the Max and Min.


      I was wondering if anyone can help m with this matter. I feel like the solution is simple and I am just using the Min and Max function incorrectly.



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          Priyanka Agrawal

          File doesn't open for me, is it possible for you to save it in 9.1 version?

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            David Guzman

            Sure, attached is a 9.0 Version on the workbook. Please let me know if you can not see it.

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              Priyanka Agrawal

              David - I did use Rank() to get the desired o/p. Hopefully this helps you!


              I am using Red for min (sales), green for Max(sales) and Yellow for intermediate, however, if you want to 2 different colors for intermediate then you can do that too with a slight change in the logic.

              In color bucket field add this condition


              ELSEif [Rank]=3 then "Yellow"

              elseif [Rank]=2 then "Blue"

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                David Guzman

                Thank you for your help. This is definitely the best approach if we have a fixed number of products on the dashboard. (here being 4 products).


                I want to take it a step further if you don't mind. What if a new product enters the data through a live update. Having this metric defined by static numbers would force the user to make modifications to the "Color Bucket." I would like to construct a measure that calculates the most sales (show it as green) and least sales (show it as red) and have the intermediate bars to be a color of my choosing (example: Blue).


                I modified your dashboard to show what I mean. The parameter signifies the month of the dashboard and present the data that would have been available at that time.


                I have attached the dashboard with the parameter. As you can see, the measure would not present the correct color scheme. I would like to make this measure as dynamic as possible.


                Sorry for the additional question, but I have been extremely curious in finding solutions for all possible visualizations scenarios for this dashboard.  


                Thanks again.