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    Text analysis in Tableau.

    Rajeev Pandey

      Dear Tableau Gurus,


      I am just playing with some data source which i found on the web (Airplane Crashes and Fatalities Since 1908 | Socrata ) and trying to create a viz similar to below image but I am having no idea how to extract the data from the summary (Last Column name) which would give me something like below. i.e types of cause similar to the below one.


      Accident statistics

      IF I am able to extract the cause from the summary then i can use something similar to the below image.I did google it but didnt get anything in terms of Tableau. Although I got advise to use "R" but I never used it as if now. Any advise/suggestion which can help me in solving my issue would be greatly appreciated.I want to replicate my viz similar to the below infographics

      Meaning of Database columns

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          Jonathan Drummey

          1) Tableau does not have built-in tools to to text analysis. You have to pre-process the data using another tool such as R and can then build the analyses on that.


          2) Reading through the summary column in the downloaded data I’m not seeing how all those values could be mapped to the categorizations in the table that you posted, whether by human or computer. Here’s a random value: "While on approach the plane hit the ground 300 ft. short of the runway.” There’s nothing in that statement that says whether it was a mechanical problem, pilot error, weather, etc. I don’t think the data set is suitable for what you want too use it for.



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            Rajeev Pandey

            Thanks Jonathan Sir.But is there any way that we can break the sentence into the" Phase of Flight " Pattern. like Take off initial climb , I am not getting any idea through which I can utilize something useful. how to use this Type of data for the Viz.

            As if now I was able to achieve the below Viz.COuld you please provide me some sort of hint/Example so that I can take this to the next step

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              KK Molugu



              As Jonathan Drummey SMMC mentioned, there is no easy way in Tableau to decode human entered data easily. I am sure there are analytical tools out there that might can be trained to understand text data and give you some patterns.


              I haven't looked for this data, but thinking that someone might have already done the analysis and created a categorization of the data.



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                Jonathan Drummey

                See the CONTAINS() function.