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    Waterfall chart with totals and detail

    Nick Pittman

      I'm working with a data set that contains a list of product categories, their actual revenue, and their budgeted revenue.


      Product A500450
      Product B600700
      Product C400200
      Product D200650


      I need to create a waterfall chart that shows the total budget, the variance to budget for each category, and the total revenue. Like this:


      I'm familiar with how to create waterfalls in tableau using gantt marks and an inverse measure. But, I'm struggling with combining data from two different levels of detail. I need a way to show the total measures for budget and actual next to the components that make up the total. I would just create the effect in three different sheets, but this same issue impacts several other reports as well- so I'm stuck using excel (!!) until I get a solution.


      Any advice is much appreciated.