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    Allow user to switch date dimension field on or off in table

    Santiago Perez

      I would like to provide my users with a table that includes a quick filter allowing them to switch dimensions and measures on or off, so that each user can look at the columns that matter to them.


      The only way I know how to do this is using the measure names and measure values shelf. I add the names to the columns shelf, values to text, and add a quick filter on names which lets folks switch columns on or off.


      The problem? This only works with measures, not dimensions. I would in particular like to be able to add date fields to the measure values shelf to let users control whether they appear, but the only way I've found to do this is to change the data type to number, after which there does not seem to be a way to format the field to show as a date.

      So, is there a way to do this for dates using measurenames/values, or do folks know of an entirely different approach?