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    Using Multiple IF THEN ELSEIF Statements

    Sally Niemi-Farhoody



      I have created a calculated field using multiple IF THEN ESLEIF statements.  I know that if the statement is true, it pretty much ends, but I'm still somewhat confused. 


      I using this calculated field to create groupings of a Service where Knowledge Articles would fall.  This is based on the Manager field....however, we have to use 5 levels of Managers because of the reporting structure.  The problem then appears when reporting structures change and an article that fell into Service A, now falls into Service B because the owner's new manager is in Service B. 


      For example:  Kate reports to Renu.  Renu reports to Seth.   The article is in the GSOC group - this is Correct.  But now, Kate moved and now reports to Rich.  Rich reports to Vic.  Now the article is appearing in Vic's group, IT Management. 


      I've attached my calculation.  I've tried moving the rows around, to see if anything changes, but am becoming more confused.  If anyone can offer assistance on the best way to do this, that would be superb.  Of course, we could change the article owner to one in the represented group, but that's not a fast process, and manually doing so will break the workflows.  Thanks!!