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    Fixed Level of Detail Calculation - changes on Dimension/Action filter?

    Akash Bhanot

      Hi All,


      I've got a worksheet with the following LOD calc in the viz:


      {FIXED [Product and Weight] : SUM([Quantity]}


      I also have a dashboard with a list of "stores" with their products and the weights with an action filter which filters the LOD worksheet.


      Now, for most instances the LOD calc remains unchanged with the filter - as I want and would expect.


      However, in a number of instances the number DOES change - it falls? I expected LOD FIXED calculations to remain unchanged with a normal dimension or action filter?


      Why is this happening for only a number of cases but not all? I'm not able to share my dataset/workbook due to confidentiality but I wondered if I was missing something quite obvious here?